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How much real is the story of “perron family” in the movie Conjuring.


In 2006 a supernatural horror movie appeared on the screen which got fame as one of the best horror movie production by “James wan”. No doubt it was.

But, the conjuring is not just a movie ,its actually based on the true story of a family called “perron or harrisville family”. Let’s see how much is that true.

I myself don’t believe in such stuff about ghost hauntings but this story of real “perron family” has forced me to think and ponder about the facts that we all ignore!

Photo of the real house.

Situated in Rhode island, it was built in 1736 consists of ten rooms. The family shifted. Everything went good until strange things started to appear like the presence of something else other than the perron family.
“Once I woke up before dawn and saw head of a woman hanging on one side of the bed. And the voices were coming; Get out, Get out.”Carolyn perron.

Carolyn perron

Perron’s reported that there were many spirits in the house who were friendly except one and that was of Bathsheba Sherman.¬† Bathsheba’s victim was Mrs. Perron ,who she tried to possessed. Then after so many terrifying nights, the real perrons called Ed and Lorain warren.


Ed and lorain warren did their best to save Carolyn perron from the evil spirit but unfortunately things did not go well as shown in the movie in the end. The warrens performed exorcisms on Carolyn but this worsened  the situation.
Daughter Andrea reported the night of exorcism: the night I thought I saw my mother die was most terrifying. She spoke in a voice we had never heard before.”
So Roger perron asked Ed and Lorain to leave and so they flee from the house. And the situation got out of control which forced the perron family to leave the house, so they did.


In the making of Conjuring, the real perrons assisted the director James wan. And Carolyn perron told her experiences to the producer of the film. Also that Lorain warren co- assisted James wan during the time of shooting as she used to appear on the set for guidance.


According to Andrea perron, the present owners of the house, Norma and her husband Gerry had many paranormal experiences like whisperings in a room, banging of doors, shaking of walls violently. And the visitors also reported that they saw an old women walking throughout the house.
Andrea perron has written a book on her experiences “the house of darkness and the house of light”.

“Some power not of this world threw my mother twenty-feet into another room.”Andrea perron.
Now, this leaves a fact that we all are not alone in this world. Some truth lies beneath the nature which we can’t see until it reveals itself.

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